about us

What the hell means „ten eleven twelve“ ? – Well, It`s the founding date of the band!

Only a short thought, chris  came up with the idea of founding a bluestrio, a real blues-power-trio.

After a telephone call with bass and drums the first joint test was held. – And on 10.11.2012 the first gig was played at the steffelbauer.Therefore comes the name “ten-eleven-twelve” or “X eleven XII”. –

The powerful blueslines of the guitar, in combination with the drums and the bass, had their own style. After some successful concerts, the joy of playing with this band became ever greater and so they took walter with his harp on board. – Now we were an incredible bluestrio with a soloist on the harp.

There followed numerous concerts in this formation until the sad day, when the drummer of the band, Wolfgang,  took his life. – These moments of the loss of such a good friend and musician can not be put into words.

The rest of the band was destroyed on the ground and they did not know how it could go on. But an end also always entails a new beginning. So it came to pass that Thomas – a former drummer’s scholar and friend of Wolfgang – carried on the work of our deceased friend to this day with great consistency to the present day. And wolfgang will always remain a part of our music.

After an extensive concert tour through switzerland, the idea of a live cd was born. And so on in the spring of 2017 a live cd was recorded in the bluegarage at Frauental. We are currently working on the completion of the cd and we will present it in November with an unofficial party invited guests.

Sandra Maria Held (voc)

Our angle with the powerful voice. - She will enchant you!

Sandra Maria has been singing since she was little girl. She took a few singing lessons and now she is a professional singer. Her style, her energy and of course her spirit marks her out. She loves to perform and she is always working on her voice.

Christoph Koch (guit, voc)

Well, What does a guitarist do when he is not acting like a madman? – Noting is incorrect.

The correct answer is he is practicing. - By countless guitar styles, and after 30 years of stage experience, he has found his own style. - “I´m going nuts, when I have nothing to do.” -  And so he is still a mayor, fireman, ski coach, bank clerk,... an energized tube amplifier on 2 legs.

Johann Buchinger (bass)

He is one of the most sided people you`ve ever seen before. - Whether he builds a ballpoint pen or he just rehearses with his big-band, “Hänsn” is the man with a fantastic energy.

He started to play with the grazer members of a philharmonic orchestra as a bassist and after different musical stations, he reached to his musical regulation. – The bassmann from “ten – eleven – twelve”. – His rhythmical stage show is worth seeing! - Particularly after a comfortable “Zipperei“.

Thomas Mörth (drums)

What does a likeable cool man like Thomy make at the police, and why he plays so brilliantly drums and percussion ? – We all don’t know it.

His percussion and drum play is brilliant and he grooves like a clockwork. – Made in Switzerland. – By the way, a few years ago we played in Switzerland. – Thomy worked also as a percussionist with another blues band. – After the show some people have meant, he would have played with the tambourine much more louder as the drummers drum set. – Well, yes he is really an incredible nice guy. – Girls, paid attention!

Walter Silli (harp, voc)

He is the man with the most free time !

Because he`s the one and only in retirement of the band! – Incredible, at 52 years this man was released from the ÖBB for harp playing ! - The more amazing of course is his talent on the harp. – Crazy blues lines are his standard programm. – He is also the beer-brewer of the band. – In his cellar the hottest beer-sorts are creeping out of his mind and his barrel. – And maybe other stuff...